Study: Impulsive shouters rule the world

Tomorrow's leaders today...

Oh, dear God

“Pupils who shout out in class achieve better results than their counterparts who appear to be better behaved and quiet, suggests research.

A study of primary school pupils found children who “blurt out” responses perform better in maths and English.

The Durham University study looked at 12,000 pupils in England.

‘Although it may seem disruptive, blurting out of answers clearly helps these pupils to learn,’ said report co-author Christine Merrell.”

There was a boy named Michael T. in my fifth grade class who would qualify as what the Durham study refers to as an “impulsive shouter.” I’d guess that eight or nine times out of ten the answers he blurted were wrong, but he had a zest for exuberant guessing that no amount of nun-ly discouragement could suppress.

Sister Marie Angele did not appreciate Michael’s nonstop, free-range classroom participation.  He spent a good portion of that school year on his way to, coming back from, or sitting in the principal’s office, with a paddling thrown in here and there for good measure–none of which fazed him in the least.

Wonder what he’s up to now? If the Durham study is correct, he’s probably a Fortune 500 CEO…

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