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Breaking news: School kids would rather eat junk!

Well, that didn’t take long…

Fox News reports on an epidemic of “starving” schoolchildren in the wake of recent changes in federal school lunch programs that made the meals a bit healthier.

Shockingly, Fox reporters discovered that part of the problem is that, well, kids would rather eat pizza and chocolate milk than more fruits and veggies, less meat and cheese, and plain old low-fat milk. (Which was true in 1971 at Bishop McNamara High School in Kankakee, Illinois, too–I know this for a fact.*)

Why is this even an issue? Fox’s concern makes a bit more sense when you consider who was behind the school lunch changes: none other than Michelle Obama, whose husband happens to not be Fox News’s choice for president.

Normally I’d pontificate a bit about this, but nobody says it better than Jon Stewart:

*Me, suavely ignoring broccoli, 1971.

“Why is this news?!” he rhetorically asked. “If [Michelle Obama] said we needed clean air, half the country would demand gills, because, freedom!” Stewart said.

Watch Stewart’s take on the “issue” here.

(And yes, it is a bit ironic that Stewart’s video is preceded by an ad for Jack-in-the-Box…)

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Michelle Obama and “Let’s Move!”

As anyone who watched her speech at the Democratic convention knows, Michelle Obama is an impressive woman. She’s quite sincere in her concern for children, too, as evidenced by her “Let’s Move!” initiative–an admirable, sensible approach to fighting childhood obesity. (If you haven’t visited the “Let’s Move!” website, here’s the link. It’s worth a look.)

“Let’s Move!” isn’t just a public relations stunt. Michelle Obama has had considerable success in changing the national conversation on childhood obesity, such as putting mega-food producers on notice. I’d like to see her be more aggressive on fast food industry shenanigans (marketing to kids and such), but for now she’s no doubt held in check a bit by her First Lady gig. It’s definitely a vast improvement over the efforts of past administrations, though.

It will be interesting to see what her future holds. I’m betting she gets the girls off to college (after a second White House term), then enters the political fray herself, with Barack tending the garden back home… Should be interesting, and good for children.

* * *

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