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It’s not easy being me…

What is it about my name and TV shows?

Me #1

First I lived through a decade of Dick Van Dyke jokes–he played a roller-skating, crime-fighting Dr. Mark Sloan on Diagnosis Murder back in the 1990s. (My favorite episode–and this is a quote from the online plot summary–“Mark is called to investigate the murder of a mime and how his colleague’s hand wound up in the belly of a shark.” Man, they just nailed my typical clinic day!)

And then, of course, there’s Eric Dane, who has played me, er, Dr. Mark Sloan (aka “McSteamy”*) on Grey’s Anatomy since the early 2000s.

Me #2

And now…I just got a call last night from a friend who says there’s an AT&T commercial in which Santa consults his naughty-and-nice list on an iPhone, and the second name on the list is–you guessed it–Mark Sloan.

Next stop for Dr. Mark Sloan: The Simpsons?

# # #

*My wife says I was cuter than McSteamy at that age, which is why I married her.


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