Time to wake up…

Well, it’s been almost exactly one year since my last post. Unlike my friend in the photo here, though, I haven’t exactly been sleeping. I smacked head-first into grad school last summer (getting my Masters in Public Health from the University of Minnesota), and between homework, term papers, and managing school deadlines for the first time in a few decades, my writing energy got all used up. But I’m proud to say I survived biostatistics, which was a bit hair-raising. (I swore when I finished college that I would never take another math course, but what are you gonna do? Stuff happens.)


Your Blogger, hard at study…

There’s quite a bit of interesting research on pregnancy, labor, and the newborn these days, and that’s what’s got me interested in blogging again. So, here I go…


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2 responses to “Time to wake up…

  1. Welcome back! I would love a post on all of the medications that are being given to kids with ADD/ADHD. Have you heard of PDD? Parental Deficit Disorder? It is when the parents can not figure out how to parent well….so it must be the kids fault. Perhaps the parents need medication?


    • Hi Rosanne! Are you referring to PFS…Parental Failure Syndrome? It affects about 100% of parents, at least in the eyes of their teenagers. Only cure for that is waiting for your kids to grow up and have their own kids. That’s when GITYSS (Grandparental I-Told-You-So Syndrome) kicks in…

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