Here’s to Peg and Barney…

What hath polio wrought? Ma and Pa, April 19, 1947

Peg (Dalton) and Barney Sloan–April 19, 1947

Today is my parents’ 66th wedding anniversary…

  • 7 children
  • 16 grandchildren
  • 5 great-grand-kids…and counting!


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5 responses to “Here’s to Peg and Barney…

  1. Blessings to them and you. I admire anyone married longer than me (37yrs this Sept.). We should have been married on Labor Day….it is a labor of love! He still makes me laugh and I still surprise him. We work hard and play hard. Our best projects are those we have done together…daughters who are determined to change the world!


  2. Thanks, Rosanne. Elisabeth and I just passed 28 years–it’s a long way to 66!


  3. Becky

    Congrats to them!


  4. I was at P & B’s 25th wedding anniversary forty-one years ago…hard to believe. Thank you for honoring their love and devotion on this special day!
    They are as beautiful in 2013 as they were in 1947. What a journey.


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