Call me Eli

Elihu Yale: Fabulous hair.

I’m in New Haven this week, attending the Yale Writers Conference. The attendees are mainly fiction writers, with a medium number of us nonfiction types, and even fewer screenwriters. (The poets either weren’t invited or they boycotted the proceedings. You never know with poets.)

It’s been a fascinating few days, sharing notes and ideas with other writers. There are novelists working on murders and zombies and crooked corporate CEOs and dysfunctional families (sometimes all four), and there are memoir writers working on real versions of the same things, minus the zombies. Nobody but me is writing about babies, except as cute little fictional props squeezed in between scenes of mayhem.

I’m here because I’m working on book two, code named “Son (or Daughter) of Birth Day.” I would tell you what it’s about, but my instructor here at the conference, who is a well-known, literary-battle-hardened L.A. writer and editor, tells me that only someone who wants their book idea stolen tells people what it’s really about.

So I’ll tell you this: There are no zombies. There will be babies. And I hope to bring back Queen Victoria for an encore.

What more could you want?


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6 responses to “Call me Eli

  1. Nancy

    I love “Birth Day” and would love to read the baby of “Birth Day” soon! Please keep us posted!

    And sorry I don’t know any publishers in Taiwan or China; otherwise, I will make sure they translate “Birth Day” into Chinese and buy dozens of them for all my Chinese friends.


    • …or I could learn to write in Chinese. Which isn’t likely, given my failed attempts to learn Spanish over the years. Old dog + new tricks = old, frustrated dog.
      Take care,


  2. After reading your blog, I can’t wait to read your book!


  3. Madeline

    Hooray! I love Birth Day (in fact, I just re-read it now that I’m pregnant!) I stopped by your blog to see if you have anything new in the works, and it seems like my timing was good!

    P.S. Do you have any Kaiser pediatrician recommendations in the South Bay?


    • Hi Madeline,
      Thanks for the kind words. Given my current speed of writing, I hope to have Son of Birth Day in print by the time your babies reach high school… 🙂
      Take care and best wishes for a healthy pregnancy!
      (And no, I don’t know any of the South Bay pediatricians – sorry!)


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