Things Kids Say: Twins and trauma

Falling down the stairs together...

Regular readers of this blog know that I love to ask little kids how they hurt themselves, or what they think made them sick. The answers are often funny, sometimes poignant, and they offer a window into what how little minds tick.

I had an interesting visit this week with Theo, a 3 year-old with an injured hand. When I asked him how he hurt himself he said:

“I pushed me down the steps, then I pushed me again, and then  I got hurt.”

Actual story: Theo got pushed down the steps (accidentally, and once, not twice) by his identical twin brother Aaron.  His mother told me that they always refer to themselves as “I”, never “we,” whether the matter at hand involves one or both of the twins. Basically, they’re inseparable, and very sensitive to each other’s pains. Aaron (the uninjured twin) spent Theo’s entire visit in my office complaining that his hand hurt, too.

Twins are fascinating. Any readers out there with twin stories you’d like to share?

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