Hey, teachers! How about a BiblioBattle at your school?

Book fight in Tokyo!

I got this email a while back from Yumiko Kaigawa of Ritsumeikan University in Japan, where the BiblioBattle concept was developed. (Refresher: My book, Birth Day, finished third in the 2011 BiblioBattle in Tokyo. More on that here.)

“Thank you for introducing BiblioBattle! I hope there will be an opportunity in the US to have and enjoy BiblioBattle, anyone, anywhere. It’s a good for a reading and cultural exchange.”

I think that would be a great idea! BiblioBattle is a straightforward book-vs-book contest, in which contestants have five minutes to talk up the merits of a book they particularly love. A three-minute audience discussion of each book follows, and at the end everyone votes for the “champ-bon,” or champion book. There’s a concise, one minute YouTube video that describes the process. As an example of how the presentations look in Japan, you can view Mina Mizuhara’s Birth Day presentation at the Tokyo finals here. (It helps if you can speak Japanese, but you’ll get the gist of it regardless.)

I think this could be a great way to drum up reading interest in our sometimes book-averse U.S. students. The Japanese BiblioBattle has the feel of a polite poetry slam, and it could be developed along those lines in the U.S.

So, any teachers out there? Does this kind of program already exist in the U.S.? Want to give it a try at your school? Please let me know what you think.


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5 responses to “Hey, teachers! How about a BiblioBattle at your school?

  1. I coordinate the Student Literary Arts Movement aka SLAM at our school. I will give it a try and let you know how it goes –
    Happy Birthday BTW


  2. Thanks, Sarah! Let me know how it goes. (And thanks for the birthday wishes–the years are starting to add up…)


  3. Nancy

    Dr Sloan, I really enjoyed your book “Birth Day” and am wondering if the book has been translated into Chinese. I would love to buy some copies for my Chinese-speaking friends!


    • Hi Nancy,
      I’m glad you enjoyed Birth Day! Unfortunately, there’s no Chinese translation as yet, but I’d love to see that happen. The paperback edition of Birth Day will be coming out this summer and I hope to have it more widely translated–the response to the Japanese edition has been very gratifying. So if you know of any publishers in China looking for a darn good birth book, let me know!
      Thanks for writing,
      Mark Sloan


  4. Thank you for introducing Bibliobattle!
    My name is Tadahiro Taniguchi.
    I’m a proposer of Bibliobattle in Japan, and a chairman of committee of Bibliobattle in Japan.

    I enjoyed Mina’s presentation in Tokyo and came to know your book.
    # We hosted the event and I attended the final as MC.

    Using Bibliobattle in classes become spreading in Japan slowly.
    I hope people all over the world enjoy this fantastic and beneficial game.

    We made a simple English web site for Bibliobattle.
    # I’m sorry for not so good English 🙂

    I’m so happy to read your blog.
    Thank you!!!


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