A comment on comments

Is this really necessary?

There are literally millions of places on the web you can go to engage in the shout-’em-down style of “discussion” that seems to have taken over most of American life. This isn’t one of them. I’m interested in exploring children’s health issues in ways that advance understanding of the topic, not in promoting behavior that should have been left on the playground long ago. Hence, I reserve the right to edit, or refuse to publish, any comments that contain personal attacks or ridicule.

If that’s censorship, as one angry commenter recently claimed when I asked her to remove a single personal-attack reference in a very long post, so be it. There are a lot of other blogs, forums, and chat rooms out there.

A special thanks to all of you who maintain a constructive tone, even when it isn’t easy. That’s the only way to move a discussion forward. Please keep the comments coming!


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3 responses to “A comment on comments

  1. Exactly. You prepared the meal, cooked it and served it in a nice dish at your own table. The least the guests could do is behave respectfully while at your table. Its not a lot to ask of people.


  2. I have to say that your comment on comments will keep me coming back to your blog. I am absolutely uninterested in the attack mode blogs.


  3. Rosanne Gephart

    Ditto to Vanessa!


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