Why I’m not a brain surgeon

Too late to do me any good now, but a study from the University of Notre Dame claims that children born at least two

I coulda been a somebody!

years apart are smarter than those born closer together. Something to do with there being only so many hours in a day, so parents stick Kid One in front of the TV while tending to Kid Two’s poop and spit-up. Then they collapse in an exhausted heap instead of teaching Kid One how to write symphonies. Or something.

My mother had the first four of us in four-and-a-half years (that’s three of Peg Sloan’s boys in the photo at top of this blog). My wife was the first of five kids in five years for her mother. My own kids are 19 months apart. And none of us writes symphonies, so there you have it.

Thanks a bunch, Mom…


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3 responses to “Why I’m not a brain surgeon

  1. OMG–I’m 4 years younger than my brother and three years older than my sister and I don’t write symphonies AND I’m not a doctor. (Ahem.) Imagine how much dumber I could have been. Thank you, mom.


  2. In my 36 years experience very few women will have children closer than two years apart if the completely breastfeed, no artificial baby “formulas” and no solid foods, for 6 months. Perhaps the effect that researchers are seeing is related to the feeding habits?


    • Not sure how deep into feeding and such the researchers went – the full study isn’t out yet. But since the authors are from the economics department (!), I’m thinking they probably didn’t explore that angle.


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