Movie star has vaginal birth: India agog

I don’t know whether to cheer or cry at this one.

News flash: "Old" lady has a baby.

Bollywood star and former Miss World Aishwarya Rai gave birth to a healthy baby girl last week. Her “feat” of doing so vaginally created an immediate sensation across India, proving, as the Times of India put it:

“One is never too posh to push or too old for a natural delivery.”

Never mind that Ms. Rai just turned 38 this month. It actually is remarkable that she chose vaginal birth in a country where the cesarean rate for women over 35 is around 60%, and that cesarean rates of 80% and more are common for women of all ages in many private hospitals.

In the same article the Times gives this straight-outta-the-19th-century rationale for why so many modern Indian women choose a cesarean:

“Studies have shown that today’s woman with her low threshold for pain is more likely than her mother to opt for a C-section.”


Why women "choose" cesareans.

The Times goes on to describe an “Aishwarya Rai Effect”–many more young women are expected to choose vaginal birth as a result of her choice.

Now if we could just line up some “posh” American celebrities to “push” for vaginal birth, we might counteract the “Britney Spears Effect” and put a dent in our own cesarean rate.

Too bad Justin Bieber‘s not a woman…



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3 responses to “Movie star has vaginal birth: India agog

  1. So that’s what the vagina is for! Amazing. I might just break out into song and dance, Bollywood style.


  2. I would do the Bollywood thing, too, but I’d probably end up in a body cast…


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