Things kids say: Wii mayhem department

Don't do this.

Saw two Wii injuries in the urgent care clinic on Sunday.

1) The first was an 8 year-old boy who slipped on a towel while playing Wii basketball, fell backwards and sprained his wrist.

Me (brimming with sage advice): “How are you going to stay safe next time you play Wii?”

Boy: “A bike helmet?”

2) Second injury: 5 year-old loses control of Wii wand while bowling, sails it across the room and clocks his 10 year-old brother in the eybrow, opening a small but bloody cut. This follows by a couple of months a bike accident in which the younger brother dashed in front of the older brother, causing him to crash and get stitches in his chin.

Older brother: “He’s trying to kill me, you know.”

Me: “You don’t think this was an accident?”

Older brother (pointing): “Look at him. He’s crazy.”

I look at him.  Blond buzz cut, angelic blue eyes. He’s sucking on a sucker, coloring a picture of a Power Ranger with one hand, holding his mother’s hand with the other. Looks pretty sane to me.

Me: “He looks harmless.”

Older brother: “Yeah, well, he’s sneaky. I need to wear a bike helmet around him.”


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