One thing I do really well…

…is hide Easter eggs. I just found this one in the back yard.

Like father, like son.

Contents: Melted jellybeans (2).

I inherited this talent from my dad. He’d hide real eggs so well we wouldn’t find them until July, when the full power of an Illinois summer sun at last released their sulfuric essence.

Barney Sloan

Barney Sloan, 92, master egg-hider

Picture a half-dozen Sloan kids, circa 1963, pointing and gagging…

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One response to “One thing I do really well…

  1. Wendy Wilson

    Enjoyed this post as I was googling friends from Med Center days, Found the missing hard boiled egg at my house this year when I was putting up Christmas decorations. I also learned from a master Easter Bunny.


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