Happy Blog Birthday!

My blog turns one month old today, and a big thank you to my 21 loyal followers and the occasional readers who have made up the 2300+ visits to date. Exceeded my expectations, which wasn’t hard: I really didn’t have any on October 4.

I realize at some point I have to come up with a catchier blog title than “Mark Sloan M.D.” A less confusing one, too–people looking for Eric Dane’s  Dr. Mark Sloan (“McSteamy” from Grey’s Anatomy), or Dick Van Dyke‘s Dr. Mark Sloan (from Diagnosis Murder) leave disappointed and a tad befuddled, though no one’s threatened to burn down the site yet.

Here’s the problem with titles: just about every combination of  “baby”, “kids”, “child”, “children”, and “health” (etc.) is already taken, and it’s pretty hard to differentiate yourself from the huge pack of child health sites out there on name alone.

So I’m considering these:

  • “Kids! Oy! What Were We Thinking??”
  • “Not Just Short Adults!”
  • “Neither McSteamy nor the Supercalifragilistic Guy!”

And the leader so far:

  • “Sex: The Aftermath!”

Stay tuned…


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12 responses to “Happy Blog Birthday!

  1. I vote for Sex…The aftermath
    What was I thinking?
    Instructions not included.


  2. Erin

    Not Just Short Adults! That had me rolling.


  3. Happy Birthday from the people behind the Power to Push Campaign + Best Birth Clinic at BC Women’s Hospital in Vancouver! We really enjoy following your blog, thank you!


  4. Happy Blog Birthday! Looking forward to hearing you speak in March at the REACHE.info conference!

    Sharon Muza


  5. Mark Sloan MD not garden variety
    Mark Sloan MD by design
    Mark Sloan MD with heart
    Mark Sloan MD en caul and beyond!


  6. Liz

    HA! I Love that you’re funny too.. in the middle of Birth Day… just got to the page wherein you first mention doulas… 😀


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