Winning the vibrio battle in Osaka!

Please participate unhesitantly!

I’m sort of big in Japan, to paraphrase Tom Waits…

Found this on the web–students at Osaka University engaged in a “vibrio battle [intellectual book review battle]” last week, and the Japanese edition of my book, Birth Day (title translates as Science of Baby on Yahoo Babel Fish), took first place in a preliminary round. Victory lap!

Looks like it was a pretty eclectic contest: among other best-sellers vanquished by Science of Baby is a 1948 book by Dale Carnegie, a Pokemon-looking graphic novel about satellites, and Communication Power is Pulled Out, which Amazon Japan says is about “the yawn egg utterance, etc.” (I do not trust Yahoo’s translation skills…).

That’s my book the students are pointing at, the one with the aqua cover. Not exactly a huge voter turnout, but I’ll take it.

The final vibrio battle is October 30th. I’ll keep you posted.

No mention of a grand prize as yet. Hopefully it’s not a bucket of vibrio.

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One response to “Winning the vibrio battle in Osaka!

  1. “Bibliobattle” is a simple game of a social book reviewing.
    Final was held in Tokyo on 30th October 2011 and about 35 students participated out of Japan. The student of Osaka University who introduced your book “Science of Baby” was chosen of the last 5 persons!


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