Reporting from the stables…

I’m here in Warrenton, VA, for the Home Birth Consensus Summit. Things start in earnest tomorrow morning, and I’ll be writing about what I hear and see. Should be very interesting.

The Airlie Center is a beautiful place, at least as far as I can tell tonight. It’s pouring rain, and I got here from Dulles Airport well after dark, following a long, long drive down an unlit rural road. Big, dripping, mossy trees hanging over the road, thick no-escape underbrush, one-lane stone bridges. A number of Civil War battles were fought nearby–Bull Run is about 15 minutes away. Perfect spooky movie setting.

I’m sure tomorrow, with expected sunny skies, it’ll transform into a perfect Julia Roberts movie setting.

Anyway, I really am staying in the stables. Or The Stable, as it’s officially known. A 100+ year old converted horse barn, very comfy. Looks out on a lovely garden, I think (still pouring, still really dark out there…). Looking forward to walking the grounds tomorrow.


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