Why TV is bad for kids: #1 in a very long series.

Keep out of the reach of children!

More and more research is confirming what parents and professionals have long suspected: TV is really bad for kids.

A study in the journal Pediatrics (here reported in Time Magazine) suggests that exposure to swear words on TV and video games is just as bad as exposure to violence. They both lead to aggressive behavior.

“From using profanity to aggressive behavior, it was a pretty strong correlation,” says study leader Sarah Coyne, a professor of family life at Brigham Young. “And these are not even the worst [profane] words that kids are exposed to, since there are seven dirty words that you’re not allowed to say on TV. So we’re seeing that even exposure to lower forms of profanity are having an effect on behavior.”

I’ll revisit TV and its effects on children soon.



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2 responses to “Why TV is bad for kids: #1 in a very long series.

  1. Can you define “kids?”


  2. Looking forward to more on this from you. I work with a moderate special needs student who tells me he is constantly playing video games in his head. When he moves to another level in his mind, he physically celebrates his success in the classroom as he has limited impulse control. Parents have shared with me that they are not pulling the plug at home as it provides some respite from dealing with the challenging needs of their children.


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