Pray you don’t get sick, kids!

I think a useful measure of how well a presidential candidate might run the country is to look at how well he treats the children for whom he is responsible while holding elective office.

Today’s case in point: Governor Rick Perry of Texas.

Perry threatened to completely cut his state’s Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program in 2010, only backing off when Texas number-crunchers convinced him that this would essentially destroy the state’s health care system (not to mention leave federal money unspent).

This from a man running a state that is:

  • #1 in percent of uninsured children in the U.S.*
  • #50 (ie, dead last) in overall health status of children

And whose children are significantly more likely than the U.S. average to:

  • Have serious dental problems
  • Suffer an injury requiring medical treatment
  • Exhibit “problematic social behaviors”
  • Have poor access to mental health care

         …and so on.



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